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2015 meeting schedule

Meeting: March 20, 2015

Dan Peters Studio
Bound Brook NJ
Agenda: We Discussed ideas for upcoming Brook theater film project. Our group plans to go the the theater in person next week to meet with staff.

Meeting: March 27, 2015

Brook Theater
22 Hamilton Street
Bound Brook NJ 08805
Agenda: We met with staff member at theater. The history and the current status of the theater were mentioned. The approach and creative direction
of the film were discussed.

April: March 24, 2015

Brook Theater
22 Hamilton Street
Bound Brook NJ 08805
Agenda: We discussed ways to communicate with Brook Theater staff. The first attempt to go over script were done. New URL for site was mentioned.

Brooks Theater

22 Hamilton St, Bound Brook, NJ 08805
(732) 469-7700

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Some ideas on what to host your next User Group Meeting on...
Entry posted on Sep 18, 2012 by thisishouston , tagged News

JAM Members,


There are lots of resources in which to gleen information to do a short 30-min presentation Here are some ideas:

Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ session; use this page to help: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.html

Adobe Creative Suite CS6 FAQ sessionhttp://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/faq.html

Tips & Tricks Deep Dive from Adobe TV: http://tv.adobe.com/show/creative-suite-podcast-designers/

Adobe Groups Repository of CS6 Presentations: http://groups.adobe.com/assets/CS6

NEW Presentations + Class room exercise on Adobe Edge Animation tool: http://groups.adobe.com/assets/Edge/


CS6 Logistics. Signs. Stickers mnemonics


There are lots of presentation materials at the Adobe User Group online repository: http://groups.adobe.com/assets

go check that area out.


Vector images here go here and look around..



Graphics and a poster here:





Want to print your own stickers... Go here:



Want to print individual product feature handouts? Go here: (look them over first though...before printing)



Want off the shelf presentations that you can tailor: 



Want to download and playback the MP4s of some of the CS6 launch videos:




CS6 TechWed  webinar Video LIST



Mar 7th am session - CS6 Overview w/Terry Fortescue (315) (61)

Video: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p9bd6v9lpu2/


Mar 14th am session - CS6 Photoshop w/Zorana Gee (305) (75)



Mar 21st am session CS6 Production Premium Video w/Al Mooney (181) (54)



Mar 28th am session CS6 InDesign w/Terry White (252) (30)



Apr 4th am session CS6 FlashPro w/Tom Barclay (176) (38)



Apr 11th am session CS6 Dreamweaver/TypeKit/HTML5 w/Greg Rewis (182) (50)



Apr 13th (TechNews) am session Muse w/Dani Beaumont (76)

Adobe Connect recording: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p880qko8y72/

Apr 18th am session Creative Cloud Overview w/Bridget Roman (224) (35)



April 25: What’s New in After Effects CS6



May 2: What’s New in Illustrator CS6


Aaron Houston
Adobe Community Mgr
San Jose, Ca

JAM Newsletter 1
Entry posted on Jan 03, 2009 by Andrew Kear , tagged Design,Interactive Experience

Foundation Swift 3D
Flash 3D solutions
(book review ***1/2 out ****)

Author s Honeycutt, Hallajian, McBee, Sharek
After more than 5 years, Swift 3D is still the best way to incorporate 3D graphics into Flash. What is surprising is that there are so few books on Swift 3D. Foundation Swift 3D has been available now for nearly 5 years, and it is still the most comprehensive book I have seen on the subject. What sets this book apart from others is that it starts with the bare essentials and gradually takes the reader to the next level. Each lesson is somehow related to the previous one, and this gives the person reading the book the basics needed before going to the next lesson. So it is not advisable to jump around while reading this book. The final lessons in the book incorporate all the skills learned in the previous chapters. For example, to create a detailed model motorcycle near the end of the book, you first must know how to create a wheel with spokes. That particular skill is covered at the very beginning of the book. In later chapters, a showroom for the motorcycle is created.
At first the book starts out describing the process of creating simple geometric shapes. Gradually, more advanced modeling processes are covered, such as lathing and extruding an object. Those familiar with Maya, Studio Max, and light wave will feel right at home here. However, a book covering those programs would be far larger in scope. Swift 3D is actually a lot easier to use than those high-end programs, and after completing the lessons in this book you will already be an immediate user of Swift 3D.

CD ROM contents:
Swift 3D trail for both Windows and Macintosh.
Full support files for all case studies and examples in book
Animation and model examples
Price $29.99
On sale on Amazon.
By Andrew Kear
March 18 , 2009

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Flash JAM2 June 22, Flemington NJ
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"The New Jersey Multimedia Users Group provides an environment of encouragement and camaraderie to help creative individuals develop personal and professional growth in the arts."

JAM usually holds events in the spring and fall. They are held at Mediatech in Flemington NJ. We are also seeking guest speakers. When we have an event it will be mentioned here and on the main page.

In our seminars we usually have demonstrations of the work done by our members.

Each year we have our annual Halloween film festival called Meet & Greet. The work entered consists of various projects done in programs like Flash, Director, Premiere, Dreamweaver, and 3D programs. We even had stop motion work entered.

Past Events
2009 Flash Seminar SCTI
2009 Adobe Holiday Party
2010 FlashJAM2, Mediatech, Flemington NJ


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